Many companies have a Technology Executive (COO/CIO/CTO),  a person dedicated to the management of technology staff and resources. But why have this added expense when you can have an experienced expert on an hourly, project or short-term basis?


We work to understand your business objectives, providing a holistic, tailored technology approach that focuses on achieving business results.


Investing In Your Business: Having a Technology Plan
You have computers and software but are you just buying technology or are you investing in your business? You need a technology plan, a multi-year strategy outlining your technology goals to achieve winning business results.  Your business has a business plan, and now it’s time to have an integrated plan for your technology.

Managing Technology: Having the right people working on the right things
Are your projects getting done on time and on budget? Does your technology staff have and know the right priorities? You need a technology manager to best prioritize your limited resources for projects and staff to ensure that the most important things for you business are getting done.

Evaluating Software:  Selecting the right software for your business
Are you looking at new software to help your business? You need an expert that understands your business and its objectives and can help you find the best technology and/or software to move it forward.

Improving Your Business:  Increasing efficiencies and quality with technology
Do things take longer than they should?  Do you feel that things are falling through the cracks?  You may need an expert to understand your workflow and processes and find ways with technology to improve them.

Managing Your Contacts & Leads: Implementing a CRM
Are you using Excel and Outlook to manage your contacts and sales leads?   Is it hard for you to find the latest information or status on these important opportunities and contacts for your business?  If you answered yes, then you should consider a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology.  You may have heard of and it’s one option, but most important is finding the right option at the right cost for your business.

Let us show you how 5280 Computers can manage your technology so you can focus on what you do best.
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