Hire an Employee or Outsource your Help Desk?

A huge decision for small business owners weighs heavy on their minds once they hit growth mode for their company.  At what point do I hire a full time help desk person that parks his/her desk in our office daily and get away from these pesky monthly bills from our current outsourced provider?

Assumptions: you like, trust and feel like your current outsourced I.T. (help desk) company has your technology back.

Here is what my research says.  Below you will see the national average salaries for senior-level technicians and three different levels of Help Desk managers.  As a small business owner myself, I would need a minimum of two techs or one tech and one manager running the technology for my business.  The reason for 2 people is to cover vacations, sicknesses, bad decisions (2 points of view), emergency help, etc.

With that said, the minimum out of pocket $$ you should expect to pay would be over $155,000 per year!! (see graphic below)

Beware, here is my sales pitch…  as of this writing in February 2016, we charge $145 per hour which would equal 1,068 hours to make up $155K or 89 hours per month.  We don’t have any customers that are even close to that amount of hours per month.

The most important issue of hiring a tech person is the cost of bad hiring.  It is very hard for us, a tech company, to figure out if someone will be a good fit technically and for our company culture.  If we were not technical ourselves and didn’t at least know what questions to ask a candidate and test to see if they were telling the truth about their skill set, I have no idea how a non-technical person could do it. 

Other than the price, the other enormous benefit to outsourcing your help desk is that instead of 2 employees on site that may or may not keep up with technology, you get our entire team which right now consists of 10 people that are all senior level and don’t have a choice but to keep up with technology with the 200+ customers that we will help in a year. 

5280 Insourcing vs Outsourcing 2016
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